Learn why projects underperform and how to fix them

Get full financial transparency

Get a summary of your whole portfolio or just a specific client. Easily search, filter and sort your accounts and dive into projects that are heading over budget or lack profitability.

Know how clients, teams, and projects perform

Go beyond project-level metrics. Get a clear picture of your entire portfolio, specific projects, clients or teams. Tag projects to see aggregated metrics for different business units and understand where your profits come from.

Identify your most profitable clients

Filter performance by client to know your revenue, cost and profit totals. See your average margin across their projects.

+35 built-in reports to dive into

You won’t miss spreadsheets, formulas or pivot tables. Price&Cost comes with +35 out-of-the-box reports to save time and figure out your finances from day one.

Create meaningful reports unique to your business

Create tags for teams, services, geographies or anything you want. Assign them to your projects and find out why certain teams or project types perform better.

Keep leadership, clients, and teams in the know

Give all stakeholders insight into your projects. Pull status reports to share how budget and burn are managed. Get ahead of the dreaded “just checking in” emails.

Get clarity on hard-to-answer financial questions

  • Which clients are driving most revenue versus profitability?
  • How accurate are Joanna’s team estimates?
  • How has profitability evolved for projects over the last year?
  • Which are my most profitable business units?

Pull reports on clients, projects and teams at any granularity. Get a bird’s-eye view or drill down as necessary. Get the Price&Cost team to build custom reports that match the way you work and the insights you need the most.

Forecast your success for next month, quarter, and year

Forecasting feels like guessing? Use our forecasting reports to see how much your business stands to make by looking at your current and past financials.

Discover which clients earn you real money

Compare clients to see where most of your profits come from, no matter how different they are from one another. Make it easier to focus on winning clients.

Find your best performing projects and resources

Understand the difference between original estimates and what's actually happening with your projects, down to specific roles or resources.

Get the most out of your resources and capacity

Staff going from underutilized to overloaded? Pull your capacity planning and utilizations reports to determine the best way to manage your team going forward.

Customize and export reports for a tailored analysis

Ask the Price&Cost team to build custom reports for your business or export your data to create your own reports.

Use filters to surface the data you need

Filter reports by client, project type, people, roles, date range — you name it. If the data exists, Price&Cost will find it for you.

Export and access your raw data

Export reports to PDF for a stylish presentation. Download raw data as XLS or CSV to create ad hoc reporting.

Export and access your raw data

Export reports to PDF for a stylish presentation. Download raw data as XLS or CSV to create ad hoc reporting.

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