Run projects that start and stay profitable

Accurate estimates take minutes, not hours

It’s hard to get estimates right on your first try. With Price&Cost, you can easily create multiple estimates against different budgets or profit targets. Pick one that matches your goals and get it client-ready in a breeze.

Save hours creating estimates

Starting a new project? Choose how you plan to use your resources and Price&Cost immediately shows your profit margin and costs vs budget.

See where you’re losing money before it happens

Spreadsheets can’t tell which tasks take you over budget or drive lower profits. Price&Cost gives you a top level view of your projects and how each task impacts your margins.

Estimate multiple scenarios and compare

Start with a draft estimate and fine tune it without losing past versions. Try different scenarios and resourcing options. Easily compare estimates and choose the best one as your baseline.

Works with your preferred billing model

Price&Cost supports time and materials, capped time and materials, fixed price, and retainer projects. Even non-billable projects are easy to estimate and track.

Get clients saying Yes!, faster

Export your project’s quote to Excel with a detailed breakdown of your resources. Attach it to your proposals, SOWs or contracts and see your sales cycle shorten.

Connect with your time-tracking tool and save time

Avoid manually rebuilding projects in your time-tracking app. Price&Cost turns your estimates into trackable projects, with resource and schedule details.


Create estimates that win contracts every time

Price&Cost is indispensable in coming up with an accurate estimate. Flexibility is key for me in estimation and Price&Cost gives me exactly that.

Never start a new estimate from scratch

Create templates, reuse real data from past projects, and import plans from other tools. Your Price&Cost estimates are assets that save you time — and money — again and again.

Use templates to build faster estimates

Duplicate past estimates and save them as templates for your most common projects. Save time with clear blueprints that only need a tweak or two.

Reuse past projects’ actuals for higher accuracy

Duplicate previous projects including budget, activities, resources, and actuals. Use real-life data to spin new estimates that avoid past mistakes.

Import plans from Forecast

Import data from your Forecast account. See your projected financials, make adjustments to your estimates and import them back to your planning tool.

Automate the way you allocate resources

Enter all your costs, rates, and overtime rules once. Price&Cost makes starting new estimates easier by reusing the data that’s already available.

Prefilled resources save you time, every time

Define global or per-client bill rates and cost rates. Add your resources to any project by name or role and your data is auto filled.

All your resources in a single place

Price&Cost helps you estimate and track all people spending time on a project, as well as the materials used, outsourced contractors, expenses, and any other costs.

Always charge the right rate

Get rid of client rate spreadsheets. Enter your preferred bill rates for each client in Price&Cost and their estimates will always use the correct pricing structure.


Get closer to perfect on each new estimate

Use Reports to see your team’s past performance and historical profitability, and improve estimation accuracy for new projects. The more you use Price&Cost, the higher ROI you get.

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