Identify under-performing projects. Understand the reasons behind them

All projects at a glance

Get a summary of your whole portfolio or just a specific client. Easily filter and sort your projects. Identify projects that need attention quickly – check financial metrics' performance and dive in if it’s heading over budget or lacking in profitability.

Know where you stand today

Once your project is in full swing, you will want to keep up with its changing dynamics – all of which will affect your project financials. This is where Price&Cost comes in and helps you get a clear objective view of things, every time.

Easy to keep projects updated

Once your projects start, Price&Cost periodically logs the time your team has spent or materials you've used. You can integrate directly with your time-tracking tool or upload your timesheets as CSV from virtually any ERP/PSA system. Get accurate budget, cost and profit figures for your project, as well as what is projected upon completion.

Instant performance indicators

Even the smallest change can tip the scales. That’s why we always show you easy-to-read performance indicators for your project’s budget, costs, and profitability, so you know where you stand against the agreed baseline and can course-correct, if needed.

Track project performance over time with Versions

Knowing the dynamics of your project's financial performance over time is as important as understanding your current state. Price&Cost uses Versions to save snapshots of every change on your project. Check how your project's metrics have been changing from the first draft estimate to your project's closing version.

Super-charge your time tracking

Set your project tracking to auto-pilot. Price&Cost integrates with the most popular time-tracking tools to automatically sync your actuals on projects from the timesheets submitted.

Harvest integration

Connect your Harvest account in one click to import all projects, resources and their settings to Price&Cost. We'll start syncing timesheets daily for existing projects. Send projects to Harvest from Price&Cost. Forecast in Price&Cost and we'll create the projects for you in Harvest. We'll, then, sync timesheets back to Price&Cost every night for those projects as well. Click here to learn more.

Import CSV from your system of choice

Once the project kicks off and the timesheets start coming in, you can import them with a handy CSV import. Virtually any time-tracking software can generate CSV files. Easily map to existing clients, projects and resources or create new ones by importing data. Click here to learn more.

More native integrations coming

Although our flexible timesheet CSV import works with virtually any system, we are working hard to integrate Price&Cost with the most popular time-tracking tools. Let us know if you have a specific integration in mind.

We'll keep you up to date

The best way to manage a project is to be proactive. We take the same approach and periodically remind you to update your actuals and forecast.

Weekly overview

We will regularly send you an overview of your most important projects, reminding you of projects that are due to start or end soon and those where one of the metrics is in the red zone, so you don’t miss the chance to make the necessary adjustments before any damage is done.

Insightful, actionable Reports

An x-ray for your project and business performance. Report on client, project and team performance at any granularity. Get a bird’s-eye view and drill down as necessary.

  • Which clients are driving most revenue versus profitability?
  • What is the accuracy of my team’s estimation?
  • How has profitability been changing for projects over time?

Price&Cost helps you answer these questions, and many more. We can even fully customise reports to match your workflow. Export PDF reports and get access to raw data with CSV export.

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