Ensure your projects are set for success from the get-go

Estimate and re-estimate until you are certain

Getting an accurate budget estimate is tough. That's why we help you experiment with different project scenarios, letting you test against a certain budget or profitability goal. Compare multiple options between each other and choose the one that makes the most sense to you and your client.

Accurate estimation in record time

No need to carefully plan tasks or create complex schedules just to get a draft budget figure. Choose the resource for the project, enter the planned use on the project and voila: we’ll show you the cost for client, your internal costs and the profit margin.

Multiple contract types supported

Different projects require different types of contracts. That’s why Price&Cost offers full flexibility for the billing type for each project. We support Time&Materials, Capped Time&Materials, and Fixed Price and Retainer projects, as well as ensuring your calculations are correct. We also support non-billable projects.

Estimate multiple scenarios and compare

Your estimate evolves as you get to know the detail of the project. Refine that draft estimate without losing any previous versions. Once you are certain that all requirements have been accounted for, you can try different scenarios and resourcing options, and easily compare versions. Choose the one that works best and create a baseline.

Generate project quotes. Share with the client

Once you've arrived at the right estimate, you can easily export the project quote with the resource breakdown as an Excel document. Insert into your Statement of Work or contract.

Price&Cost is indispensable in coming up with an accurate estimate. Flexibility is key for me in estimation and Price&Cost gives me exactly that.

Never start a new estimate from scratch

Use real data from past projects' performance for your new estimates. Easily import the resource plans from other tools into Price&Cost to adjust, tweak and see the projected budget, cost and profitability. Continue tracking in Price&Cost where the other tools left off.

Create Templates or Reuse Projects

Easily set up estimate Templates for new projects and save time estimating. Just landed a new project similar to the one you’ve completed in the past? Instead of copying the original plan, create an estimate from the most recent version of the previous project including all the actuals. This way you’ll improve your estimation accuracy with every new project.

Import your Microsoft Project files

If you are using Microsoft Project, Price&Cost is a perfect companion. Plan your schedule in MS Project and, then, import your files to set a baseline and further fine tune your budget. You can filter the data, configure formats and map to existing fields in the app, eliminating any conversion hurdles and inconsistencies.

Import resource plans from Forecast

Managing team schedules in Forecast? Import data from Forecast to see projected financials and make any necessary adjustments. If your team tracks time in Harvest, we have built a beautiful integration, so your timesheets are synced daily, providing detailed insights into project financial health.

Powerful resource management

Keeping spreadsheets with client rates up to date is a thing of the past. Enter all your costs, rates and overtime rules in one place and use them in any project with a few clicks.

Enter your resource once – use them anywhere

Don’t waste time searching for a particular client’s rate card in the middle of a project. Instead, define bill rates and cost rates in Price&Cost. Then, add the resource to any project by their name or role. We'll take care of the financials.

Migrate resource data from other systems via CSV import

If you already have a system of record for your Cost and Bill Rates, you can easily import this data into Price&Cost via CSV.

People, Materials and Other costs

Every project is different, and your resourcing requirements may differ, too. With Price&Cost, we support the estimation and tracking of all people spending time on the project, as well as the materials used and any other costs.

Powerful rate-cards

With Price&Cost, you can easily define different client-specific bill rates for all you clients. Next time, just select a client for your project and we’ll use the correct rate-card for all resources.

Sophisticated overtime rules

Quite often, your full-time or freelance employees get paid overtime. Price&Cost allows you to define multiple overtime rules with full flexibility via overtime calculation formulas.

Data-driven estimations and continuous improvement

With Price&Cost's Reports, it's easier than ever to continuously improve estimation accuracy from one project to another. Check past performance of teams, historical profitability of certain project types or clients and set your new project off for financial success.

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