Price&Cost turns uncertain projects into predictable profits

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Make projects easier and more profitable

  • Scale past spreadsheets

    Spreadsheets take hours to fill in and double check. Price&Cost creates reliable estimates and reports in a breeze.

  • Simplify decisions for your team

    Teams have a hard time making financial calls. With Price&Cost, they can see how each resource affects costs and profits.

  • Run predictable, profitable operations

    You can’t change what happened last quarter. Price&Cost helps you predict and update projects as they happen, to hit your financial goals.


Deliver better projects — consistently

Jump out of broken spreadsheets into your Price&Cost dashboard. A single place where you can estimate projects, manage resources, and track expenses all the way to bigger profits.


We won’t make you ditch Asana, Trello or Monday

If you choose Price&Cost, you won’t get another task management tool. No to-dos, no tasks, no surface-level financial reports.

Price&Cost is a highly-focused tool built for people in charge of projects’ financial success, who want to simplify estimates and automate financial tracking. If you’re responsible for balancing budgets, costs, and profits, Price&Cost is the app for you.

Managing your to-dos can happen somewhere else.

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