What is Price&Cost?

Price&Cost is a project estimation and budget-tracking tool. Our goal is to give companies an accurate overview of their projects’ financial performance.

Who is it for?

We've designed Price&Cost with project managers and small business owners in mind. But since Price&Cost is ultra flexible and agnostic to project management methodology used (in fact, agnostic to use of any), anyone who wants to get detailed overview and control of their projects' financial health would find the tool super-useful.

I use Jira / YouTrack / Asana / Redmine / Pivotal Tracker / Basecamp for my projects. Why do I need another tool?

All these tools are great and we don't dare to compete. But they cover only a part of what it takes to deliver a successful project. You see, Price&Cost is not about task management, team collaboration and everything in between. We are focused on the money side of things. With flexible cost and revenue planning and tracking capabilities, we help companies deliver any project on budget. Did you know that an average IT projects runs 45% over budget? Well, we hope to change that.

I work in a fully Agile team. Can we still use Price&Cost?

Absolutely! Every project will still have a cost element to it. And we help to track it. If you are in a project-based business where you sell you services to the client - Price&Cost becomes indispensable helping you track revenues and gross margin.

Why is Price&Cost free in Beta?

We've come a long way with the product. It's already great as it is (ask more than 500 companies who are already using it). But we want it to get even better. We can't do this without your feedback. So, it's a win-win - you get to use a fantastic tool, we get to hear your feedback. But, hey, no strings attached!

How long are you going to be in Beta?

Hard to say. We'll know when we get it right.

Will Price&Cost always be free, even after Beta?

Clearly, we want to change the world to be a better place. At least as far as project budget management is concerned. But we are also looking to make some money along the way. We are working on a pricing model. While the product is in Beta - it's unlimited and FREE. Once we are out of Beta - we will introduce tiered pricing plans based, most probably, on number of projects tracked.

Where can I learn more about Price&Cost?

Since there's no commitment whatsoever, the best way to explore Price&Cost is to sign up and give it a go. If you want some detail before signing up - we have a Help Centre with some useful information.

I have more questions. How can I reach out to you?

We would love to help you. Questions, Demo requests, pretty much anything - email us or chat to us.