The ultimate project estimation and tracking tool

Price&Cost offers powerful features to support you from the initial estimation all the way through to successful delivery.

Estimate and re-estimate until you are certain

Getting an accurate budget estimate is tough. That's why we help you experiment with different scenarios, creating a snapshot for every change. All you have to do is choose the one that makes the most sense to you and your client.

Ballpark estimations in record time

You don’t always have to go through carefully planning tasks and creating convoluted schedules just to get a ballpark figure. Choose the resource for the project, enter how much time you think they’ll be spending per week and voila! We’ll show you how much it’ll cost the client, your internal costs, and the gross margin.

Create multiple drafts. Choose the most profitable

Your estimate evolves as you get to know the detail of the project. Refine that ballpark estimate without losing any previous versions. Once you are certain all requirements have been accounted for, you can try different scenarios or resource composition and easily compare versions. Choose the one that makes the most sense to you and your client.

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Know where you stand today

Once your project is in full swing, you want to keep up with the changing dynamics — all of which will affect your project financials. This is where Price&Cost comes in and helps you get a clear objective view on things. Every time.

Easy workflow

Once your projects start, we’ll remind you to check in periodically and log the time your team has spent. It is also a good idea to ensure that your future planned time and resource allocation is correct.

Instant performance indicators

Even the smallest change can tip the scales. That’s why we always show you easy-to-read performance gauges for your project’s Price, Cost, and Margin, so you know where you stand against the agreed baseline and can course-correct if needed.

Graph view

Prefer to see how your Price, Cost, and Margin are changing as the project progresses in one powerful graph? We have that too! Each time a new version is created, we plot the metrics on the graph.

All projects at a glance

Get a summary of your whole portfolio or just a specific client. Easily filter, sort, and group your projects. From the project list view, you can identify if a project needs attention. Check the financial metrics performance from the gauges, see how far the project has progressed and dive in if it’s heading over budget and coming to its end.

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Look into the future

Delivering projects on budget and profitably is a balancing act. Price&Cost allows you test multiple "what-if" scenarios and experiment with your resourcing mid-project, always showing the metrics at the finish line.

Know how your project will perform at the finish line

We will not only show the current state of your projects but also your project’s financial metrics at completion. Do your projects seem to be right on budget on completion but lack in margin? Knowing that upfront allows you to make the necessary adjustments and course-correct.

Test multiple what-if scenarios

Trying to compensate for the lacking margin or just had a brilliant idea to reduce costs? Test different scenarios and keep tracking as usual in parallel. You can compare to your existing versions and see if you achieved the gain you were looking for.

Full change management support

Projects are in constant flux — new requirements come to light or major resourcing change is on the horizon. Ensure your budget and margins are safe by calculating the impact of a change request.

Create change requests

Very few projects run as planned. New requirements pop up. Timelines change. Your budget and spend will reflect all those changes. With Price&Cost, you can easily create a change request and work on it in parallel to updating your actuals as usual.

Apply only once approved

Once you get the approval for the Change request - apply it and set as new baseline. All your further versions will be compared to the updated baseline giving you the most accurate financial performance overview.

Apply only once approved

Once you get the approval for the change request, apply it and set it as a new baseline. All your further versions will be compared to the updated baseline giving you the most accurate financial performance overview.

We’ll keep you up to date

The best way to manage a project is to be proactive. We take the same approach and periodically remind you to update your actuals and forecast.

Weekly overview

We will regularly send you an overview of your most important projects, reminding you of projects that are due to start or end soon and those where one of the metrics is in the red zone, so you don’t miss the chance to make the necessary adjustments before the damage is done.

Powerful resource management

Keeping spreadsheets with client rates up to date is a thing of the past. Enter all your costs, rates, and overtime rules in one place and use them in any project with a few clicks.

Enter your resource once - use them everywhere

Don’t waste time searching for a particular client’s rate card mid-project. Instead, define rates and costs. Then add the resource to any project by their name or role. We'll take care of the financials.

Powerful rate-cards

With Price&Cost, you can easily define different client-specific rates for all you clients. Next time, just select a client for your project and we’ll use the correct rate-card for all the resources.

Sophisticated overtime rules

Quite often, your full-time or contract employees get paid overtime. Price&Cost allows you to define multiple resource types with full flexibility over their overtime calculation.

However you prefer to work — we’ll adjust

There isn't any hard set rules how to manage a project. There shouldn't be any limitations to how to estimate and track one either.

Multiple contract types supported

Different clients prefer different types of contracts. In fact, they may prefer a specific project to be Fixed Price while the rest are Time&Materials. That’s why Price&Cost offer full flexibility over contract type for each project. We support Time&Materials, Capped Time&Materials, Fixed Price, and Cost-Plus and ensure your calculations are correct.

Any currency, date format, or granularity

We are truly global and so are you. Be it Taiwan or Russia, UK or Guatemala, we support all currencies. We also offer unparalleled flexibility over data formats, so you can customise the app to your liking. The same goes for how you plan and monitor your project — be it estimating in hours or man-days or viewing your schedules in day or week breakdown, we can handle it all.

Undo and Redo

Getting the "sweet spot" with project budgeting is all about experimenting. While you are chasing the perfect margin in the effort grid, you can Undo/Redo any changes indefinitely.

Full keyboard and clipboard support

Navigate the effort grid with your keyboard without having to touch your mouse and get to the required estimation quicker. We are also going to be bringing full clipboard support so you can paste from Excel right into the application.

Continue using familiar tools. We play nice with others

You have a certain workflow and a trusted set of tools. We get it. That's why we integrate with other tools, rather than ask you to change all of them.

Continue from your Microsoft Project files

If you are using Microsoft Project, Price&Cost is a perfect companion. Plan your schedule in MS Project and then import your files to set a baseline and fine-tune your budget further. You can filter the data, configure formats, and map to existing fields in the app, eliminating any conversion hurdles and inconsistencies.

Still using Excel? Bring it along

If you are more accustomed to Excel-based estimation sheets, you can easily import it into Price&Cost as well. Once the project kicks off and timesheets start coming in, you can import them as well with handy CSV import.

CSV Export

Easily export one version or the whole project to CSV for further analysis or manipulation in your tool of choice.

Super-charge your time-tracking

Set your project tracking on auto-pilot. We are working hard on integrating Price&Cost with the most popular time-tracking tools to automatically update your actuals from the timesheets.

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